Welcome to the PraeWi website!

We are happy that you are interested in the research and development project PraeWi.

PraeWi stands for "Prevention Measures and Knowledge Transfer within Social Work regarding Risky Substance Use for People with Refugee Experience in Transitional Housing". The project is based at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

You can find more information about the project here.


For Refugees

Refugees will be able to access multilingual prevention materials on our website upon completion of our evaluation study. Additionally, refugees have the opportunity to actively participate in the project by disseminating and adapting the materials.


For Professionals

For professionals working in shared accommodations, upon completion of our evaluation study, the participatory developed multi-component prevention concept will be available on our website. This concept comprises an overarching manual and various prevention materials for both professionals and refugees.


For Science

PraeWi is a research and development project. To develop an evidence-based concept, a needs and resources analysis was conducted, which concluded in the development of a multi-component prevention concept through a participatory process. This concept is currently being implemented in shared accommodations and evaluated for its success.